August 14th, 2008


Some thoughts, sitting in the YYZ Airport

  • The only comfortable chairs in the international terminal of Pearson International Airport, have a security officer's ass in them.
  • Billboards announce Wi-Fi Throughout the Terminal. But there is a reason they don't say free wi-fi.
  • The CBD Airport channel isn't nearly as annoying as CNN Airport
  • My new little TV-B-Gone fob doesn't work on these TVs. Airports probably wised up to people turning off their TVs.

Tweets for Today

  • 19:03 Border Guards are a waste of the everyone's time. Except their own, of course. What a great ass-sitting cushy unionize govt job! #
  • 19:14 120 people standing in line. ONE border guard sitting on his ass. #
  • 20:01 I'm at YYZ, Canada (CA) - #
  • 23:10 Heading to Chicago. Will wave to @nata2 as I blow thru. #
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