May 11th, 2008


Mother's Day

I have friends who's mothers have called them up drunk at odd times. Mothers who institutionalized for the mentally ill. Mothers who blinded themselves to abuse. Mothers who abused. Mothers who are absent, or hated, or hateful. Mothers who treated their kids as nothing more than exchange tokens in Family Court. Mothers who's greatest positive contribution was bundle of chromosomes and 9 months in a womb, and not much of anything else. Mothers who loved boozing, 420, screwing around, and "protesting against The Man" more then their own kids.

In fact, most of my friends have, by my standards, mothers who mind-screamingly screwed up.

Not my mother.

My mother certainly wasn't perfect. She made mistakes, and a lot of times, the stresses of obligations toward house, church, and five intelligent, strong-willed, and slighly insane kids, took their toll on her.

But still, she did a better job and tried harder to do a better job, than most all of my friends' mothers.

Happy Mother's Day, wurtmann.

Enjoy your new roses.

Life, the past weekend so far.

Today, it was cold again. Where is my spring? Did a bunch of yoga, with hvc teaching. Went to the first weekly Farmers Market of Capitol Hill. Fresh cheap food, omm nomm nomm...

Yesterday, went climbing at Vertical World. Pulled too hard, strained my elbows, had to stop before my muscles got tired. Went to Emerald City Comic Con, but didn't see anything I wanted to buy. I did get some presents for some friends.

Went to Colin & Kirsten's bachelor & bachelorette party. This was actually my first "bachelor party", but I think it was pretty non-standard, since I have such non-standard friends. Sadly, I got there too late to enjoy the Naked Sushi, but still, the candy was good, the company was fun, and I got a slot with the henna artist that was there. Kirsten, of course, got a lovely complex work on her arms and chest. I got a pattern on my left palm.

Friday, I finally got caught up on my work paperwork. Let's try to not let it get behind again.

That evening, I went to elfs surprise birthday party. Actually, I picked him up here in Cap Hill, and took him home, while his wife and daughters got the party ready.