April 6th, 2008


The "Chinese Curse".

We've all heard the "Chinese Curse"... "May you live in interesting times."

I recall reading somewhere years ago, that the Chinese call it the "American Curse".

I also recall reading somewhere, years ago, that it has three parts:
  • May You Live In Interesting Times
  • May You Come to the Attention of Important People
  • May You Be Granted What You Asked For

But now, I can't find online any reference where I may have read these things. It's just too pithy and neat, if I had made them up, I would have claimed attribution.

Business Phrases I Hate. Use these, and I will consider you to be an empty suit.

going forward
This is utterly meaningless. It originally was an attempt to create a feeling of forward momentum. It roughly means "From now on". Whereever the phrase is used, it can be struck without changing the meaning of the surrounding text.
(sense 1) "Driving traffic to the site". (sense 2) "Driving the project to the next milestone".
Number of people below you in an org chart. "He has 7 direct reports."
value proposition
"The value proposition of this product/feature/process/widget..."