January 1st, 2008


My New Years's Eve. Working Little Red Studio

For my New Year's Eve, I worked tech at Little Red Studio. At the rehersal the night before, I got the impression that there was only one musical number. I was wrong. When I got there at call last night, I learned there was an entire program to run, before the band played. And then, right before the show, half of the audio banks crashed. Nothing like chasing wires in the dark on a deadline... But we made it work, and only a few small glitches during the show itself.

I was luckyer than the tech crew doing the fireworks at the Space Needle. At quarter-to, the studio emptied out onto the sidewalks, so we all could watch that show. And it was pretty obvious that crew there was having problems. But still, once they got it going, it was fun to watch from so close.

I comp'ed in gipsieee, and showed her some behind-the-scenes, both at the Sunday night rehersal, and then during the show itself.

The band was "The Nasty Habits", a pretty good girl glam band, where all the girls were TVs.

Our guests and audience were pretty good. We had a full house, over 200 people, and most all of them were wonderfully dressed.

During my breaks from the audio boards, I spent time with my date, and circulated with the guests, and ran around cleaning up, squelching cameras, and heading off small disasters.

It was fun! :)