December 10th, 2007


Gadget Geekery. New Camera.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was in San Francisco, I noticed that my banged up old Canon PowerShot A80, which I had carried around nearly everywhere, was starting to show flickering and streaking on it's LCD. I hoped that it was only an artifact of the display, and that it was still capturing good images.

It was a false hope. About one picture in three was ruined. Time for a new camera.

The one I had had my eye one was the Lumix TZ1, mainly because it had gotten a very positive review on CoolTools, (a site and blog I cannot recommend highly enough).

Turns out that the current incarnation is the TZ3. And many of the user reviews were about features I could really like. It's solid metal. Very good in low-light. Image stabilization. These are solutions to the problems I had had with the A80. Plus, it came in black, which I appreciate.

The only real downsides are that it's going to be a format change in batteries and in memory, from rechargable AAs and CF, to a proprietary pack and SD.

I found the best price, by a significant amount, at "86th Street Photo & Video". And then discovered how it was so "cheap", in that the actually call you to verify your credit card (makes sense, given the fraud rates for small high value electronics in internet sales), and at the same time, press really hard on the up-sell, especially their very overpriced "special super high speed" memory and "special super capacity" batteries, which a little research shows to be no faster than standard SanDisk memory and no larger than the one that comes with the camera.

It was waiting for me when I got home from Dallas on Saturday, wanting only for memory. I was thinking that I was going to have to make the trek to Fries or to CostCo to get SD memory, but then noticed this evening that the Walgreens around the corner has it, and for only a couple of bucks more than CostCo for the 2G size.

So now I have a new camera, for to dump more images into my own collection, and to publish onto Flickr.