November 24th, 2007


Invitation, Dinner in San Francisco, Monday evening


If you read my blog, or follow my Twitter feed, you know I'm in San Francisco.

I'm throwing a "get together dinner out" thing Monday night. If, for whatever reason, you think it would be interesting to go out to dinner with me and hopefully a pile of interesting people, you're invited.

Any other interesting people you know, are also invited.

Topics of conversation are also to be determined, but stuff like MySQL, OAuth, OpenID, Open Source, Seattle, San Francisco, the Geek Lifestyle, Telecommuting, Science Fiction, Beer, Wine, Food, Flirting, Art, Drawing, Rock Climbing, Long Black Coats, and other similar random subjects have a good chance to come up.

What? Okoze Sushi
Where? 1207 Union St, San Francisco CA 94109
When? 7pm
Who? party in the name of "Mark Atwood"
Why? cool geeks!