November 13th, 2007


Junk'ing an old email address.

Instant summary: dont use to email me.

I run my own mailserver, and I run a greylister on it. A greylister is currently a near perfect defense against botnet spam. According to my logs it prevents about a thousand messages a day.

The only thing that gets thru is non-botnet spam. A year ago, it was a nigerian scam about every 3 days. Now it's about a dozen nigerian scams, viagra offers, and stock pump-n-dumps per day. Which is not too bad, when I read my mail on my desktop IMAP client. But when I'm reading mail thru my smartphone, its more than a little annoying.

I really don't want to have to take the day to figure out spamassassin.

On the plus, most of the junk is going to the email address I mention in the first line. So what I'm going to do is put in a sieve rule that drops email to that address into Junk.

So, don't use to email me.

Mark's Stories: Birkenstock and the Pager

About ten years ago, I worked for a small company, that had issued pagers to all their staff. When several people, all wearing pagers, work around each other a lot, what usually would happen is everyone would set their pager to vibrate instead of ring, because otherwise when only one went off, everyone would reach for their own, not knowing who's had rung.

Anyway, one day, I was working from home, with my pager sitting on the desk next to the monitor, and my cat Birkenstock had gone to sleep on the desk, and for whatever reason, had curled up on/around the pager.

Yes, the obvious thing happened, and someone paged me.


After she calmed down, she glared annoyance at me for most of the rest of the day.