October 5th, 2007


Things about the past few days

Just got home about an hour ago from rehersal at Little Red Studio. Tomorrow night and the next night, I will be running audio tech for this week's show, "Intimate Spectacle". This show is less interactive than LRS's usual fair, the audience gets to sit back in the comfy seats and just watch.

I meant to spend the day coding on my Nirvanix library and slap utility, and to hack on the libmemcached memstat utility, but instead spent it sketching out idea for an Apache auth module, and editing a press release. Much thanks to omahas for helping with that.

Last night there were 5 people working together in the kitchen. This is a big house, but it's not a very big kitchen. We made spinich saag, which turned out yummy, but it was missing something, we're not sure what.

The internet connections at the Victrola and Remedy Tea get flakyer and flakyer, so I've been working at the Online Coffee instead. Which is too bad, the eye candy is great at the Victrola, and the #5 tea at Remedy has become a mandatory part of my workday. Online Coffee has many advantages, in that they have desks, good office chairs, lots of power outlets, and they don't crank up the music.

I've been really stressy the past couple of weeks, and I'm not sure why. Knotted stomach, clenched jaw, tight shoulders. I try to relax when I notice, but it doesn't help much. It doesn't help that my hands are hurting. Not my joints, just my hands. I think it's age and weather.

I took a specialized basic knotwork class last weekend. It was much fun.