May 15th, 2007


unOfficial ID Card

A fun business idea I occationally mull over is to buy a high quality laminate card printer, the sort of thing that is used to make id cards, and make unofficial IDs. A general purpose ID card, with photo, name, address, number, etc. Press passes for "USENET News Service". "Member of the Right Wing Conspiracy". "Member of the Left Wing Conspiracy". "Real American". "Real Canadian". etc etc. All with pictures, holo foil, mag strip, bar codes, etc. And with carefully worded disclaimers on the back, in 1 point flyspeck.

It looks like a TV station has done something similar, making an unofficial self-created "Identity Card: Personal Travel Identification", and then used it to pass a reporter thru a TSA screen.


I am amused. :)

ID cards are an utterly stupid idea. Lawmakers, security consultants, and ID fetishists who require ID cards, they are utter morons. If your job requires checking IDs, for your own sanity, you need to understand that it's ineffective makework that your boss makes you do, not because it's actually useful.

The only provable thing that you learn when someone shows you their ID, is that they own a photograph of themselves. Wow, that's so much useful information...

When someone gives you their frikken business card, you actually learn more immediately provably true information about them then if you look at their "official" ID.

Review, Clan of the Cave Bear

Getting caught up on my NetFlix.

The film of the day is Clan of the Cave Bear. One and a half stars. It wasn't actively bad, but it wasn't at all good, either.

It inherited most of what didn't make the book very good, and added to it that which tends to make movie adaptations of thick books not very good.

It was interesting and amusing that the script and the director "played it straight", with the People "speaking" mostly in gestures. They did leave in the two things I do remember from the book, from when I read it many years ago, that Alya could intuitively grasp the concept of "number", and that the "unusual" shape of her shoulders gifted her with the ability to use a sling.

I'm sure that there really are amazing and breathtaking and tearjerking true stories key to the rise of humanity and about the time when there were two human species. However, Clan of the Cave Bear is not amazing, is not breathtaking, and not tearjerking. Neither the book, nor the movie.