April 4th, 2007


MySQL AWS S3. Removed hardcoded auth tokens.

Attach to a table by saying

CREATE TABLE atst (s3id VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, s3val BLOB)) ENGINE='AWSS3' connection='awss3 bucketname aws_id aws_secret'

If the bucket's name is not ASCII, you have to convert it to UTF-8 and then percent-escape it yourself.

In theory, I could push out a release now, but the field selection code mades me want to put a paper bag over my head. So not just yet...

Dream. Technical Arguments.

I was having a technical discussion with Keith F. Lynch, via IM via a shared editor buffer (we kept interleaving text when we tried to talk at the same time), where I was explaining how network dependencies on startup for some appliance didn't have to be a bad thing, if the code sections kept track of their own start and run dependencies and so an emergent "Makefile with parallelism" type thing happened.

After that was done, and I was closing down my computer, I noticed that I was in an old classroom, and that I was one of the last stragglers to leave. But then Armando Stettner came in, but it took me a moment to recognize him because he'd dyed his hair pink. We resumed a technical/economic/pricepoint argument I had made with him before. But I pointed out that the people who buy brand new VW Beetles had a convincing different set of price influences, which invalidated his argument. He stopped, thought for a moment, and then agreed with me.

Soon after, I woke up.

Now, I've had many USENET exchanges and one face to face conversation with Keith Lynch, it was never about anything technical. Our one face to face conversation was in WorldCon in 2004, and was about the gothic appearance of my style of dress. And while I worked with and argued with Armando at my last job, I don't think this argument was one we've ever actually had, and under the light of wakefulness, the argument doesn't make sense. And I somehow doubt that Armando is ever going to dye his hair pink.
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