January 26th, 2007


I'm going to SFSFF

I just bought my tickets to the second annual SFSFF Science Fiction Short Film Festival, which will be at the Cinerama on 2007-02-03.

Last year it sold out while the line for tickets was still stretched all the way around the block, leaving a lot of disappointed people.

Don't be disappointed this year, buy your tickets now.


All during the daylight hours, and into the evenings, all week, the house as rattled with the sounds and smells of the workmen working on the front entry. Mudding, sanding, painting, sawing, hammering. They have drop-dead deadline of Saturday.

Miss Kidde has been, if anything, sleeping even harder. Her wounds are healing very slowly, but the surgical glue continues to hold, and there is no sign of any surface infections.

It was refreshing to start doing my usual "Tuesday afternoons" again, after the disruptions of the holidays and then the snow.

In piano we had a brutal going over of Norton's "Coconut Rag", which really exposes my problems with rhythm and timing, and then a new piece, Clementi's "Sonatina in C Major, op 36, no 1", which exposes my problems with notereading in my left hand.

Then to the Fiber Gallery to sit and knit. There was one lady who literally wandered in off the street. She had never knit before, but was drawn in by all the bright colors, fell in love with a sweater pattern, and then asked me and Mary (the owner) how difficult it was. Mary carefully set her expectations, helped her pick out an intro book, a skein of multicolored yarn, and a pair of needles, and showed her how to cast-on and how to throw. Over the next several hours, and with everyone else's help, she actually turned out about a dozen rows of a dozen stitches.

For Knuth, Paul and I covered the very first section of chapter two. It's taken about two years to get thru chapter one. Chapter two was mostly just notation and "machine translation", eg, how does Knuth notate pointers and record fields, and how does one translate them into MIXAL.

Wednesday was mostly spend coding and reading. Some new SNMP ideas and docs fell out of my head and into my browser, and I'm got new energy (and a barely restrained slow panic attack) driving my two coding projects.

Thursday I hung out with amythis. We watched the DVD "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", which really burned thru the book quickly, and we tried the new "lunch special" at Broadway Piroshki, urged on us by the proprietor. That evening, after returning amythis to the ferry terminal, I went over to the Grind. I danced myself sweaty, made notes in the library, chatted with people new and old, and gave sierrascape some huge hugs and got to watch her get hung from the ceiling.