January 6th, 2007


Niceness as RSI

I was reading this article about the "Seattle Chill", and I came across this bit, which I found interesting independent of this context:

She cites a famous sociological study of flight attendants, which found being nice all the time is an especially draining kind of work. It can cause the emotional equivalent of repetitive stress injury.


(I don't worry or care much about the Seattle Chill. I'm already usually slow to get to know people, especially "normal" people, and so having that habit of mind be widespread is somewhat comfortable, plus I mainly socialize in particular subcultures were the general rules are a bit different.)

(no subject)

Two things I wish in retrospect I wish I had taken a picture of but did not, the past few days.

My very hot date, with a nice big gun in her hand, blowing holes in pieces of paper.

My cat, with her usual aplomb, picking her way around and over the joists, insulation, and assorted junk, having found an interesting hole, and wandering around inside the walls of my house.