January 1st, 2007


The Weekend

Friday afternoon I got to go enjoy lunch with intrepid_reason, a pleasent surprise because of my return home early, so the afternoon was available. That evening was Fish Friday at elfs & omahas. We are down to the last dregs of the fish I brought back from Alaska, esp since some got thrown out due to the power failure last week. The chowder was, as usual, yummy, the wine was mediocre, and the chocolate was excellent. (It was some Bonnat, recently featured on BoingBoing.)

Saturday I met lauraflora for coffee (well, hot chocolate). While trying to find the right cafe', I stumbled on the LDS chapel in Burien. I could just about hit it was a fastball from elfs home, which amused me. It was nice to see Laura again. That evening I had group dinner and soaked in the tub here at the AlohaHaus, and slept in my own bed.

Sunday, after house breakfast, I took solomoning to the Vashon ferry so he could go to Snow's bday party at Michaels, and then went to the downtown ferry terminal to pick up amythis. While I waited, I watched a bit more "Clockwork Orange" (I can only handle watching about 10 minutes at a stretch, it's an intense movie), and then hacked a bit on some elisp. That evening we were part of a group going out to dinner at Sashay Malay. I discovered something that sounds weird and tastes great, an "avocado smoothie", sweetened with molasses. After that, we all headed up to the Tabara NYE party. A big fun group. I was glad I had received my new personal calling cards, I was able to several of them out to people I wanted to know better. The only downside of the night was the hottub had trouble holding heat, 100°F is too cool.

Monday, has so far been really wonderfully languid. The plan is to go to the Metaphorist New Year Day party in an hour or so...