December 27th, 2006


Dinking with LJ

I just spent some time dinking around with my LJ configuration. My "notfamily" filter needed some fixing, there were a lot of people in my flist who werent family who werent on it. So I fixed that. I've also added a lot of people who have friended me to my flist. (There are a few who I have no idea who they are, and we have no lj friends in common, so I didnt add them.)

With this many lj friends, I may soon have to start using the "Default View" feature.

Many of the people I know have an "eros" filter. Sometimes I've thought about setting such a thing up, but I don't know how comfortable I would be actually posting something that would need it. Not really for my own sake, but for the privacy and propriety of the other people such posts would be about. So far the "notfamily" filter seems to suffice.

test to ljupdate hack

This is a test to a hack to my old copy of ljupdate, to add the Location property

Update: and it worked! Would have been nice if the LJ protocol docs had actually given the actual name of the property!

(no subject)

Yesterday I went out with pheonix_jade, shopping at B&N and then lunch together. I picked up some books I had promised to a friend, and enjoyed hanging out with my brother.

That evening, while my parents and I were watching TV (reruns of NCIS and of House), the internet connection went down. The cottage house, where the cable model and router are, was without power. My dad called the power company, and walked the street the cottage was on, assessing the extent of the blackout. A short while later, a power company repair truck showed up, and the guy found the problem. A bundle of mylar balloons had gotten up into the lines, and shorted them, blowing the fuses on two poles. He pulled the balloons out with an insulated grabber, and then installed new fuses, and the streetlights and houselights turned back on. The outage didn't affect too many people, most of the houses on that street were empty because their people were out of town visiting family.

Also that evening, I dug out one of the house's more obscure storage areas, and extracted boxes of my old comic books and D&D stuff. I'm going to bring them home with me, put them into standard long boxes, and store them with my other comic books. Most of my AD&D stuff (a full set of the original AD&D hardback rulebooks, an almost complete set of the modules, and about ten consecutive years of Dragon Magazine and the first several years of Dungeon Magazine) is still missing, hopefully it's stashed in one of the other storage areas, and will get excavated next holiday. Most everything with an ISBN, I logged into LibraryThing.

Today I finally succeeded in hacking "Location:" into my preferred LJ client, an old version of ljupdate.el. The latest version can do it, but for reasons various and assorted, I don't want to upgrade.

Also today, from a different storage area, I got a box of "treasures", mainly the plush animals of my early childhood. Those I'm going to pack into something good (I'm thinking a basic cedar box) with some packets of silica gel, and put into my own storage locker. Also retrieved was a box of books, original editions of the first four DragonLance trilogies (Chronicles, Legends, Heros, and Tales). All well read. All now logged into LibraryThing. Those as well, will go into storage.