December 22nd, 2006


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I've been getting really bad about sleep discipline, staying up until I crash, then sleeping in until I feel rested, just because I could. Waking up at 630am on Thursday, and knowning that I'm going to be driving for 12 hours today, interesected poorly with that lifestyle. I was glitching out over lunch, so I turned in right around sunset (4:30pm, this far north).

I know I slept, went thru a number of dream cycles, etc. When I did finally "wake up", it felt like it was about 4am. Nope, 11pm. Crap.

The rest of the household just got back from a party (at lumiere's I think?)

Well, I can finish packing and prepping anyway.

I'm considering coming back before the New Year.

Voice Post:

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“Well, it's been another year, it's gonna be another year, and I'm just about to start my annual drive to Utah for Christmas. Every year I do this I seem to get off a little bit later.

Anyway, according to the GPS, it's 690 miles and, according to the mapping computer, it's 825.7 miles. Zero miles on the odometer. I'm gonna be doing most of my logging this time using TxtLJ instead of voice post because I can only make so many voice posts a day I discovered last year.

So anyway, I hope you all enjoy this trip as much as I do.”

Transcribed by: radarrider