November 16th, 2006



I made it to Utah safely, slept on the plane most of the way. I like flying SWA.

Once again, I managed to not check any luggage, my carry-on was packed solid, what with the need to have a pair of dress pants and shoes, a tie, and a white shirt. (I've found the way for me to wear a white dress shirt again without breaking out in mental hives, and that's having one that was tailor made for me. Even so, I don't wear it easily.)

My dad picked me up at the airport, the timing was eerily perfect, he pulled up to the pax pickup just as I walked out of the terminal doors.

The house looks very different without the pine tree. When we first moved here in 1982, the top of the tree came to the handrails of the back deck. When I last saw it a few months ago, it towered a good twenty feet over the gutters, and it was obviously sick, with big yellow patches, dieing from the bark beetles. The pictures Dad took of it's removal were pretty cool. The guy started at the bottom, and methodically climbed it, lopping off each branch as he passed it going up. When he reached the top, it had been denuded to a bare trunk. And then from the top, he climbed back down, chopping off sections. When he reached the bottom again, he lopped the stump off at the ground. No more tree.

My parents new cat, Gracie, is a sweet and lovely little 7mo grey mackerel tabby.

jatg came by to say hello.

The funeral will be on Saturday at 1pm. I'm still not clear on how much intention she had on what she was doing. Was she just fcking around with her medication patches? Or did she really intend to end herself? I don't know. I'm not sure I ever will, or if I want to. The more I learned about her, the more I realize she was one of "us", for various assorted values of "my tribe". Strong willed, underconfident of her rich talents, thoughtfully obstinate. What a loss, what a waste.

OD via medicated patch. The body's instinctive reactions are not effective. You can't vomit out the poison.

My eternal headache is in full bloom.
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RIP, Milton Friedman

I was reading Milton Friedman's entry in Wikipedia, and came across what is probably the most straightforward, honest, and to-the-point description and admission of the cause of the Great Depression, ever.

Or, as a representative of the Federal Reserve (one Ben Bernanke) pithily expressed it on the occasion of Friedman's 90th birthday in 2002: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry.

So much for the theory of it being a result of the "fundamental contradictions of capitalism". The Great Depression wasn't caused by an uncontrolled economy. It was caused by the one-two punch of slamming down protectionist tariffs, and by trying to use the central bank to "plan" and "control" the economy. Which is very foreboding, given the recent election of a lot of pols in the US who are all for protectionist-ism and economic planning. "It failed miserably before, let's TRY IT AGAIN!"

Goodbye, Professor Friedman. You will be missed.