November 12th, 2006


Returning home from MySQL Camp.

I'm sitting here at SJC, waiting for my flight (LUV 2334) to take me back to SEA. MySQL Camp worked very well for me. I learned a great deal, and made some very good contacts for my S3 storage engine. I've gotten very excited about getting it working.

I like the "unconference" format. It's similar to the things I like about BiCamp and about good small con, in that there is no divide between "presenters" and "attendees". If you want to present something, just edit the wiki and add yourelf to the schedule. If you have a question, ask. If you want to talk to someone, stop them in the hallway and ask them.

My only expenses were airfare (and I already had some Southwest credit to burn up), and evening dining. And I ate in the evening just to fit in, the food at Google was plentiful.

Unplanned funerals

The first fatality of my grandparent's great-grandkids has happened. Suck. I guess I'll be flying to Utah this week.

To compound to the unfairness of it, this is the second "died too young" in that branch of my family.
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