November 6th, 2006


"Abdicate Obligations"

Several of my friends have been talking about "celebrating Discardia". From context, it was pretty easy to figure out how one "celebrates" this "holiday". (Getting rid of junk.)

However, when doing some web searches to find the origin of this term for de-cluttering (which I think is a great thing, one of the best things about my recent move was getting rid of more than half of my accumulated "stuff"), I encountered a phrase that is just absolutely rubbing me the wrong way.

It's a day to, among other things, "abdicate obligations".

I can't even begin to start enumerating all the ways that bugs me. Maybe some people have a different definition of "abdicate" and of "obligation" than I do...

Followup: omahas explained it pretty well. The problem is probably with my snap definition of "abdicate". My first blush definition was on the order of "to hare off, damn the consequences", when properly the definition (inherieted from the legal sense, of a king leaving his throne) it has a more thoughtful and deliberate aspect than I was giving it.