October 15th, 2006


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Friday night I went to j5nn5r's birthday party. It was a big fun unruly group.

Later, along with omahas and elfs, we watched the first two episodes of this seasons' "Drawn Together". Sometimes they miss, sometimes they fall flat, sometimes they stretch a joke way too far, but sometimes they hit them out of the park. Plus, it's all just so wonderfully horribly wrong. We all groaned and retched on cue.

Saturday morning, I shuttled around, ran some errands, finished putting my outfit together, and had a quick hard nap. Then at 3, off to Cal Anderson Park for this month's glitterati_club. This months theme was "The Past That Was Not", i.e. steampunk. I did the western varient, and so was able to use my duster and suede hat (after vigorously brushing them all out). Pictures are at the Flickr Community.

This evening, I went to the Gaia Consort concert. I saw a lot of people I knew, and even more people that I didn't know who knew me. Many of them from here on LJ. Hi everybody!