October 8th, 2006


... supernaturalism is a default human cognitive mode ...

supernaturalism is a default human cognitive mode, it is not learned. Living among "New Age" types who are not religious (by their own assertion) but "spiritual," and often raised by parents who allowed them to "seek their own Truth," I have seen firsthand how ad hoc supernaturalistic worldviews can be generated from whole cloth within a generation without any strong outside suasion.

In other words, if one prevented a child from being indoctrinated in Catholic teaching, or forced to recite the Koran, that does not imply they would become scientific materialists. Rather, they would probably generate their own supernaturalism de novo within their own peer groups. Of course not all supernaturalisms are created equal, so the key issue is not indoctrination in religion per se, but what religion. Dawkins', and my own, main problem is the aggressiveness of particular forms of monotheism, to the point of being a clear & present danger to the lives of unbelievers.


The weekend

Thursday night, I elected to go to The Grind, and had a pretty good time. It was crowded, but not too much so, and there were a fair number of pretty people. I got to see and enjoy sierra_faye1's new anime blue hair.

Friday noon, haircut from imflying. solomoning got his done at the same time. Then we went to the gym, then to Bernie Utz Hats. We took the bus for that last bit, so as to not have to park downtown. I haven't taken the bus for years.

After dropping him off at home, I went to Burien for fish friday. Pumpkin Curry. Very good. We played a couple of rounds of Uno, watched the good part of "Speed" (the bus sequence), and then turned in.

Saturday, I headed up to Tabara, and helped with Harvest Con V. A day of gratis manual labor (pulling blackberries, harvesting potatoes, and construction (of a "chicken tractor")), mixed with food and socializing and meeting very cool people. The evening was a odd experience of making sexy human soup in the hot tub, while participating in a freewheeling discussion of sexual politics and interactions between different "alliterative" communities in different cities. I feel asleep on a big beanbag in the middle of the living room.

Sunday, after breakfast, I decided I had been away too long, and that I really needed to change clothes, so I made the drive home, showered, washed myself twice, shampooed twice, and shaved twice, and finally felt presentable again. Things done today included piano, knitting, dinner with one of krow's coworkers, and playing a round of Unexploded Cow. Oh, and my Dad called, while driving to New Mexico to a perlite mine project, just to say hello.