October 2nd, 2006


SIP to LJ, at last!

LJ has an "official" SIP/IAX2 gateway now, for making VoicePosts.

In the past, the only ways in were via the PSTN gateways (aka "ordinary telephone numbers"), and the GizmoProject gateway at sip:ljvoicepost@proxy01.sipphone.com or sip:17476267097@proxy01.sipphone.com (use "**7476267097" from FWD).

Now that LJ has an open gateway, if you have VoIP SIP softphone (FWD.Communicator, Gizmo, SJphone, LinPhone, X-Lite, Windows Live Messanger, Apple iChat AV, etc etc), or an VoIP ATA that can "dial" an IP number, or an IAX client (such as IAXcomm or Asterisk), or a "connected" PDA (WinCE devices, etc, (maybe with additional 3rd party software)), you call "dial"


or to


If you have a Cisco ATA18x, you can probably dial it as "1**204*9*177*24#". If you have a Sipura ATA, you can probably dial it as "1*204*9*177*24*5061#". There are similar dialing strings you can use with other ATAs and VoIP hardphones.

Gym. Chest.

Gym today. Since it was Monday, thus Chest, we did "The Evil Chest Circuit"(tm). It goes as follows:

  1. reverse incline dumbbell press
  2. standing alternating bicep dumbbell curl
  3. incline dumbbell press
  4. standing dumbbell shrug
  5. dumbbell press
  6. tricep dumbbell pullover
  7. reverse incline dumbbell fly
  8. standing alternating bicep dumbbell curl
  9. incline dumbbell fly
  10. standing dumbbell shrug
  11. dumbbell fly
  12. tricep dumbbell pullover

I did three x8 of those, with 25lb weights in each hand. Remember, this is a circuit, so that's 8 reps of an exercise, then move to the next, and so on.

We were so beat that we literally forgot to do the daily ab workout.

We did do 25min of aerobics on the crosstrainer. Normally, it takes 10min for my body to stop rebelling, and then the rest of the time is okay. Not today, I wanted to stop every single minute.