September 24th, 2006


I saw a car hit a pedestrian this evening.

While driving from dinner to a party, I (and my passengers, Brian, Christine, and Sol) saw a car hit a pedestrian. Rollled him right over the hood and dropped him on the asphalt. I stopped hard, and ran out to see to the guy who was hit. The car that hit him didn't have plates, started to pull off to the side, and then just took off and left.

Fortunately the pedestrian didn't seem too hurt, a scape on his leg and a split lip. He should have been much much more injured, but was very lucky.

The emergency services were pretty prompted, the SPD rolled in within 5 minutes, and the ambulance service within another five.

The asshole in the car... grr. I was thinking of using my camera to memorize his licence number, but when I saw there wasn't one, and that he had pulled over, I went to the guy lying in the street instead. I should have shot the car anyway...


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David Friedman <> wrote:
Fruit trees are mostly propagated by grafting. So different grapefruit of the same variety are clones of each other.

Keith F. Lynch <> wrote:
In a 1997 CNN poll, the majority of people said they would refuse to eat cloned fruit or vegetables. I wonder what they thought they were already eating.