August 29th, 2006


Pimpin' my bro's LJ

My youngest brother pheonix_jade is currently undergoing US Army Basic Combat Training (BCT) at Fort Leonard Wood. Every day or so, he writes a short letter and posts it to me, and then I transcribe it into his LJ. Every now and then, I create a "mail relay" entry, where any comment followup will get printed out and mailed to him, so he can get feedback that people are actually reading and caring.

So friend his LJ and read, and get a little view into the world of Basic Training.

At SeaTac airport

AT&T Wi-Fi service.

They did something smart. They have good and flexable CSR people at the other end of their tollfree techsupport number, who were able to help me work around something really stupid they did (see next paragraph).

They did something really really stupid. They require the latest greatest flashplayer to use their captive portal, Windows only. All a captive portal page need to have is a form or two to sign up and to sign in, all in pure HTML, with optional JS. But I guess that didn't have enough flash and sizzle for them...

And the newest airport security obscenity? (And I'm not talking about the war on hand lotion.) On Sept 2nd, the USPS will be pulling out all their in-airport mailboxes, citing "security reasons". This is not to say you can't mail stuff from the airport, no. But now you have to place stuff in a clear ziplock bag, with a little form with the adddress and a credit card number, and the airport will charge you seven dollars plus postage to "mail it home".