August 21st, 2006


The Weekend


After my job interview, I hung out for a while with tonyawinter, and then to omahas & elfs for Fish Friday. Which this time was grilled corn and chicken (which is dumber than fish, so it counts).


solomoning and I hit the gym. We did back, shoulders, and abs, doing a fast hard interleaved set.

There were several letters from pheonix_jade, which I have transcribed into his LJ.

Around noon, I hooked up with intrepid_reason to help her prep for her party at Ravenna Park. I had had many multiple invitations for other things to do that Saturday afternoon (go canoeing with Sol and Brian, BiNetSeattle Social, Hazel's birthday party, and Hempfest), so I resolved it by who asked and scheduled first.

It was a fun outdoor party, with some cool people coming and going. I won't make a list here, mainly because of my lack of skill at mapping people to LJ names. Maybe I should start taking notes...

In the evening, while a games night was in full swing here at home at the AlohaHaus, Sol and I dressed up and went to Twisted Monks company birthday party. I'm not used to being the "and guest", and it was a lot of fun. It was a wonderful party full of pretty and fun people.

The trapeze girl, after doing her show a few times, rigged up a climbing harness and let people have fun swinging around and flipping upside down and such. I took a turn and had a great time, but tweaked my neck a little bit while doing so.

There was a bootblack working, and I took a turn. Now my dress shoes (which I got in late 1988, and went to Alaska with me) have never looked so good, even when they were new.

NerdyGirl and I assisted Sol in playing with the crane. He had a great time. I suspect that the rope burns will heal in a day or three.


I spent the day, 8:30am to 10:30pm, helping tygereclipse move into her new apartment. It's a much nicer place, close to her dojo, and close to bus lines (thus much shorter commutes). I'm tired and a bit dirty.