June 20th, 2006


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And for this I got up at 6:30am... There was an 8am telecon at work, with a company in Israel (6pm, their local time), to learn how to make our box and their box work together. After we finally got the international calls to go thru everybody's PBX's, we were embarrassed to learn that apparently WE HAVE ALREADY DONE THE WORK. We even issued a press release about it, back when we did it. It just got lost and forgotten in some shuffles and layoffs.

Last night, as I was eating dinner in a QFC parking lot, I watched a guy walked out of the store, pull the lid off a Mike's Hard Lemonaid, and drink half of it down as he walked to his car. That felt weird and wrong. Should I have tried to stop him? Report him? How? To who?

Nearly everything is moved out of my old place, except for the cats, and the furnature I am wanting to sell. I'm trying to find tygereclipse, so I can hire her to clean the space. My new space is stacked up to my chin in boxes. It's going to take a couple of weeks to get them all unpacked, sorted, and either put away or put in storage.

Yesterday I had a candy bar, which turned out later to be packed with peanut goodness. Thus my snarky reposting of a poorly researched column (I'm considering deleting the LJ post.) I was grumpy angry for most of the early evening, and it took awhile for me to recognize it. Sigh.