May 8th, 2006


Key in ceiling

About a week ago, my coworkers and I noticed a lock and key hanging from the ceiling. For all I know, it's been hanging there for the past five years, without my noticing it.

I have no idea what it's for...

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Friday evening, which I spent enjoying Fish Friday with omahas, Kouryou-chan, and Yamarashi-chan, while elfs was out with a friend of his, a particularly nosey and tattletale-esque neighbor girl, aged about 6, confronted me with the following:

Does Kouryou's daddy know you are here for dinner while he's gone!?

I was almost tempted to say "No, he doesn't", just to see what she would do. What the hey has she been exposed to that she would even consider formulating such a question?

The Weekend

Wednesday. Sasha & Kiddie got taken to the vet. The results? Pretty good blood chemistry for cats their age (17 and 11), but they both need some teeth pulled, Kiddie has a UTI (antibiotics), and Sasha is going on Amitriptyline.

Thursday. I went to see Belle de Jour at The Big Picture with intrepid_reason and her friends. I've got bits and pieces of a movie review, but I'll probably never pull it all together well enough to post it.

Friday. Fish Friday. Gorgous weather. We made white fish burgers on the grill. I delivered my bday present for elfs, a case of 2003 Norton from Stone Hill Winary. Eric H, formerly of the Metaphorist, turned me on to this stuff.

Saturday & Sunday. I was planning on spending the weekend sorting, tossing, boxing, and moving, but on the drive back up to my place, I instead gave sultry_peacock a call, asking if I could drop by and see her new haircut. solomoning and keithr were also there, and later also gipsieee. I ended up spending the weekend, enjoying their hospitality, helping with the cooking, knitting, and crashing on a guest bed.

Sunday evening I hooked back up with elfs and omahas, for a birthday celebration dinner for Elf. We opened the first bottle of Norton. It was very good, but it's not ready. The tasting notes say it should be drunk after at least five years.