April 10th, 2006


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(this entry got lost in a lockup, but I will try to reconstruct it)


It being the first Thursday of the month, after work I headed down to omahas for our monthly outing. She was happy and excited about her new podcasting consulting gig going well. We elected not to go to the Grind, but instead just had some delicious (but slow) sushi, went for a soak, had dessert at Dilletants, and then went home.


The evening was my first BiNet Seattle meeting with me as president. Two other people showed up. It was reasonably productive, probably because a lot of agenda items got marked "deal with in email".

After that, I was pretty wiped, so I called intrepid_reason, and then went over to her place. We vegged and watched teevee. I crashed at her place overnight.


I picked up amythis at the ferry terminal, and then jumped back to my place, so I could groom and preen. She was already dressed up in a lovely velvet long skirt and a blazing hot pink hat with a feather and veil. The reason for all the dressing up? The first meeting of the Seattle Glitterati Club. It was a much fun. Pictures later.

After that, we went over to the Aloha Haus for their Spring Party. I had misrecalled the time, so we were unfashionably early, but it was fun to hang out with krow while he was doing some home improvement tasks.

They are having a room open up on May 1st. After looking at it, and thinking a bit, I told him that I would take it. Modulo making sure I'm not blackballed by one of the other residents, of course. I'm going to push my homeownership ambitions off another year or two.

The party went well, with some fun people. There was one young lady with the most amazingly bright dye job, of yellow, orange, and red. I should have taken a picture. After a few hours, and an accidental nap with a sleeping cat in my lap, we jumped over to the simultaneous party at the Metaphorist.

That party was also in full swing, with lots of people coming and going, and lots of my friends and good acquaintances.


Not surprisingly, the first half of the day was spent sleeping and then relaxing, from being up so late. In the afternoon, we wandered around Wallingford a bit, then went to the Seattle SF Fan Tun. Noting that the days are often the most cold when they are sometimes warm, we went for a soak to warm up, and then I returned her to the care of the ferry.

Next weekend will be Norwescon.