March 30th, 2006


Ramblings at the airport

I'm sitting here in the airport lobby, waiting for the ASA 341 SJCSEA. It was just a work-related daytrip, receiving a braindump from the people who do the IEEE 1275 Open Firmware hackery for our box. (It's a BIOS written in Forth, pretty cool.) I was going to be here yesterday, Wednesday, but I had made a mistake on my travel request form. No harm. Wednesday, Thursday, it's all the same.

Waking up at 4am to catch the 6:40am ASA 344 SEA→SJC is not something I want to repeat very often, but it does get me here at the start of the workday. I slept most of the flight down, and they weren't comfortable dreams, and they bled back and forth from reality. I'm pretty sure that I was dreaming about the landing on a freeway...

I'm getting used to running Fedora Core 5 on amsu. Suspend now works (it didn't under FC3), but not consistently perfectly. Sometimes some devices, like sometimes the ethernet port, and sometimes the serial port, don't work after a suspend. And sometimes the suspend unlock screen paints in weirdly.

One of these daytrips I'm going to be able to have enough warning (I didn't know about this one until Monday afternoon) that I will be able to wrap it around a weekend, and have some fun and visit some people here in the bay area. My experience with wandering around Palo Alto within a few blocks around Digeo South is that it's a freaking crowded soulless wasteland, like Seattle's eastside except with older buildings and uglier street people. The Stanford University medical school bookstore is across the street, so that was kinda cool to browse.

After travelling, a discovery.

As I was going thru my pockets while looking for my keys, I discovered this.

It's 26cm long, with a 8cm edge, and masses 80g. It's got a strip the hair off the back of your arm edge. The TSA x-rayed the jacket it was in. Twice. At two different airports. And missed it both times.

And yet these keystone kops continue to look for bombs in shoes, strip search little old ladies, and confiscate nailfiles.

What are they good for, exactly, again?