March 17th, 2006


Seattle Glitterati Club, 2nd Saturday in April, at Cal Anderson Park

(from thedivas)

Bring me your glitter, your glamor, your unworn dresses yearning to be seen.

Just a few short generations ago, dressing down was an act of rebellion. Scandal walked in the door wearing blue jeans, a tee-shirt and Converse thumbing his nose at tradition. Now the scandalous has become the mundane. Who wants to be mundane?

The members of the Seattle Glitterati Club are too busy being fabulous to care. So, put away your fleece and hoody, pull out your most outrageous and stunning attire, and come make the world a more attractive place.

The first monthly gathering of the Seattle Glitterati Club will be on Saturday, April 8, 2006 at Capitol Hill's Cal Anderson Park (1635 11th Ave. The old reservoir park between Denny and Pike 1 block east or Broadway). Meet at the fountain beginning at 3:00 PM. In case of inclement weather meet around the corner at Espresso Vivace located on Denny between Broadway and Nagle.

All varieties of over-dress are welcome. However, we strongly encourage that the minimum level of participation be semi-formal dress (dark suit and tie, fancy cocktail or evening dress). Otherwise, the sky is the limit. So, let the fashions fly high!

I am so there.