March 6th, 2006


Thank You

Thank you to my friends who were able to come to my last-minute-planned birthday sushi dinner: jezel, omahas, elfs, Kouryou-chan, Yamarashi-chan, gipsieee, keithr, sultry_peacock, and papertygre.

Thank you to jezel, for the gifts of taking care of Birki's arrangements, and for the tea. Thank you to E&O for the lucious chocolate cake. To T,B,&K for a night of gaming and chatting.

To my dad, and to my mom wurtmann, and to my brother pheonix_jade, and to my sister jatg, for giving me a voicecall this weekend.

And thanks to all y'all who wished me well in email and on LJ.

That's 37 down, 963 to go...

Public Service Announcment, defending against identity fraud.

When your bank or credit card calls you, do not "verify your identity" with your SSN, MMN, password, etc. You do that when you call them.

An example of a smart guy doing it the right way is here.

(And this would be a good idea to call up all your banks and credit cards, and change your voice password aka "mother's maiden name", to something other than your mother's maiden name...)