February 27th, 2006


The Weekend (with gaps)


At work, I started a detailed survey into my next task. Nearly all the stuff I end up working on are of the variety "This feature never had worked quite right, and it's annoying. Find it and fix it.". Said annoyance is that sometimes SNMP responces don't go out the same interface that the SNMP requests went in. Given the ratsnest that our deep network plumbing is, this is going to be, well, annoying, to track down.

The end of the day and week were capped with a rather forceful request from my managers that I get better at regular hours and tighter focus. Joy, but a fair request.

That evening, I met up with omahas and elfs at their place, and then went to The Haunted House geekhaus for the annual weird food potluck. Elf finally made his long-threatend US Bureau of Prisons "Management Loaf". It was bascially bachelor chow. The best item, IMO, was a vegan chocolate ganache pie that actually was rather yummy, but came with a surprise. It was full of red curry. So it felt like the chocolate had some "bite", but after the chocolate faded from the palate, the heat remained for a while.


That evening I picked up amythis at the ferry terminal, and we went to pauldf's fudge party. A good social time was had. The fudge was very interesting, it had to be "pulled" like taffy, and went thru several distinct phase changes in the process. It was also very inconsistant, and more than a little bit unstable, with almost no shelf life. It was good, but not something that one would be able to buy in a store.


That afternoon I picked up tygereclipse and took her to my place. She had announced a while ago on her LJ a "call for work", so I hired her to clean my apartment. She did a great job, the place looks so much better.


Sasha was staring at a spot on the floor, and then for no apparent reason, jumped up and sideways, all 4 feet at once, and then went back to staring at it. I asked her what she was doing, and she looked up at me for a few seconds, then walked away.

I have an ARC of Rainbows End that I won on eBay. I hope it shows up in the mail soon. Of course, in just a few weeks it will show up on Webscriptions, now that Tor has pulled their head out of their ass regarding ebooks.

The A#-minor scale is a pain to practice. I should get back to it.