February 23rd, 2006


Last Night

When I walk into a big bookstore, my credit card winces. For good reason. Last night I walked into the B&N in Bellevue, and walked out with Home Buying for Dummies, and also with Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML: A Brain-Friendly Guide to HTML & CSS, DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model, and Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference: A Complete Resource for HTML, CSS, DOM & JavaScript. I've gotten tired of knowing HTML only by osmosis, and of asking dumb questions of my patient modern HTML-savvy friends.

These books, of course, are now listed in my LibraryThing.

Then over to Bellevue Square mall, to Lush, to restock. I picked up more Rock Star and some more You Snap The Whip. And for the first time some Reincarnate solid shampoo. It's supposed to be really good for dark hair, but if it's henna starts to turn my bleached cowlick red, I'll quit and give it to someone else with dark or black hair.

Just as I was done with that transaction, and was considering where and what to eat, my phone rang from sierra_faye1. We met up, had dinner (the salad bar at the Whole Foods on Roosevelt, and then a nice hot soak.