January 11th, 2006


Five Guilty Pleasures

I was tagged by zzbottom for the "Five Guilty Pleasures" meme.

A player of this game writes a post, listing "5 Guilty Pleasures" of theirs, and then tags five more people to play as well.

  1. My queensized heated bed. It's exactly the right firmness. It's got an electric mattress pad, unbleashed long fiber cotton sheets, a down comforter, two handmade quilts, and ususally a cat or two. Bliss.
  2. My long swirly duster coat. Actually, the whole ensemble. The hat, the dark shades, the black duster longcoat, the black pocket jacket, black shirt, black levis, black boots, black belt. Even my underwear is black. It all swirls and sways around me, and the weight of it all on my shoulders is reassuring.
  3. This entry is censored because my mom and sisters read this journal.
  4. This entry is also censored because my mom and sisters read this journal.
  5. Gerber Baby Oatmeal. Weird but true. It was my original comfort food. When I was at least 3, and probably before, my mom would make it exactly the right thickness, and sprinkle colored sprinkles on top of it. I keep a box of it in my cupboard (and a tube of said sprinkles), and every month or so, I make a bowlful.

I tag omahas, j5nn5r, zonereyrie, wendolen, and jatg.

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I'm learning how to do polyphasic sleep the abrupt way. An all-nighter project at work, and to avoid going crazy, I took a 20 minutes nap at about 2:30am and just got up from another.

I don't think it's biologically possible for me to do it continuously, like the polyphasic sleep people do...

Voice Post:

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“I'm driving home after pulling an all nighter at work and just passed the carcass of a dead deer along the side of the road. I didn't realize that there were deer this far in. I guess I'll have to pay more attention while I'm driving, make sure I don't kill another one.”

Transcribed by: julzerator