January 9th, 2006



I was back at the job I had had in the early 90's. It was the end of the year, and I had come in late after the end of the year parties, to get my clothes. Which had accumulated from occasionally changing clothes in my office. But they weren't there, he bagged them up and sold them by the pound. I was mildly pissed off at him, and I left.

The outside of the building was completely different then it actually was IRL, and the road going past it, while paved up to that point, curved away to the left and was a narrow gravel road going thru unimproved rocky grassy fields. Off in the distance I could see a large chemical processing plant. That's where my clothes were.

For some reason, I needed to have my mother make the introductions to get me in. The first person we met was, to my surprise, my cousin's wife, who I had worked with in the late 80s IRL. She had become slightly more heavyset and was going gray, and was looking a lot more like her mother-in-law.

She went in to get the person who had bought up all the bags of clothes, and it was a woman I know IRL, except she was a great deal thinner, older, and more attractive. Before I got to talk to her, my mom spoke with her in a private office. I knew she was making pointed request to protect the virtue of her boy, and the women she was talking to, while calming agreeing on the outside, was amused on the inside.

She lead us thru a warren of old office space, with ugly 70s wood paneled walls. In a conference room was a table piled with the bags of clothes she had bought with plans to sort and resell. I sorted thru them, picking out my own stuff. Several other women I knew wandered in and out, striking up conversations with each other. One of them wasn't someone I actually knew, she was instead a former lover of a friend of mine, who had parted on friendly terms, she was the inspiration for a female character in stories he writes (I have no idea if this is the actual case, IRL).

After I had picked out my stuff, I offered to reimburse her, since she had paid for them in good faith. All she asked was ten bucks. But something had literally eaten most of my wallet, with big bites, so I had to hit up my parents for the money. As we were walking out, I was idly chatting with my youngest sister. I suddenly could tell I was in a dreamstate, because I wasn't actually walking, but was just occasionally putting my toes down to the carpet to change the direction I was moving.

I woke up soon after.

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