January 5th, 2006


Dear Coworker

Dear coworker,

When reorganizing the layout of the directories in our source tree, copying the directories to their new locations, then running p4 delete down the old locations and p4 add down the new locations causes me to want to come over your your seat, and take an axe to your desk and your computer.

Did you consider that maybe some of us actually have a use for the file revision log, mainly for when we want to integrate our fixes into a deploying tree, or when some PHB wants to know about the past history of some change or some bugfix?

Now, I understand that the botch known as CVS cannot handle file and directory moves properly. However, we are not using CVS. We are using Perforce. We spent a lot of money, per seat, so we could use Perforce.

Perforce does, in fact, know how to move files. There is, in fact, a section of the manual on that very subject, with a clear and easy to follow receipe.

Perforce and it's change tracker is tied closely with our Bugzilla and with our auto build system and with our talks-to-managers report generator. All of which kinda depend on you not breaking the change tracking.

Thank you for your time and attention in this manner.

Your humble coworker.