January 4th, 2006



First day of work since the break. Ugh. Everyone thinks that their problem should be my #1 problem.

Restarted my postal mail today, and picked up the held mail. Quite a pile. I've now got a grocery bag of sorted-out personally identifying junk mail. I will probably feed it to one of the legal disposal bins at work, instead of spending an hour feeding it to my shredder.

My cousin, Dean Evans, will be in Portland over the 3rd weekend of this month. There are some conflicts with other things, but I will try to be down there for his show. (He's does stand-up.)

The smell is fighting to come back inside the Forester again. I hit it with the O3 generator for a few hours this last weekend. I will repeat the treatment, running all night tonight. That should cook out any remaining smells.

We picked up three new Knuthers last night. papertygre, jonwa and scott_t_s. Between the Knuthers, the Knitters, and others, there was a huge crowd last night.

The Chocolati Cafe has stopped playing pop, and started playing Indian ambient. It's most welcome. Easier to think.
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So, assume the existence of a Intelligent Designer, making a feeling tool-using species modeled on His own Perfect form.

Obviously, humans are not that species.

We're looking instead for a species with that doesn't have joint and teeth problems, the organs aren't hanging sideways, the kidneys aren't on the outside of the bodyshell, the eyes aren't inside-out and sideways, color sensing is full-spectrum, and the sex organs are not mixed up with the organs of elimination.

One that is friendly, gentle unless radically provoked, curious, and isn't prone to busybody intruding into it's neighbor's business.

That would be... the octopus.

Ai! Ai! Ai!


Twice in one afternoon, I'm asked by a stranger in a cafe how to spell a given word. "appreciate" and "litmus".

Do I look like a spelling bee champion?

I hated spelling drills in school.

I could spell both those words off the top of my head, but since I was already in emacs at the moment, I just typed them and meta-shift-4 checked them, just to be sure.

Identity Defacing

I was idly googling the blogoverse for my own name. (Interesting stuff comes up sometimes.)

And I kept finding comments posted under my name, many of which I wish where not.

I know that my given name isn't unique (there are at least a couple of dozen living "Mark Atwood"s that show up on the parts of the `web), but I get suspicious when there are comments that are simultaneously drooling and rabid, posted with my name, and with throwaway yahoo and hotmail email addresses.

There is a pissant coward out there that doesn't like me.

I will survive, but now I'm going to have start watching for sort of thing. It's not really "identity theft", more like "identity defacing".