January 2nd, 2006


New Year's Eve

The day consisted mainly of errands and then the party.

I went over to jezel's and picked up Sasha. We had a pretty good conversation.

Trying to get home was annoying, as *something* had shut down I405 from Southcenter to Bellevue. (I learned later that a tanker had overturned.) I got a couple of errands done.

I made a stop at Lush in Bellvue Square. In theory just to pick up more Razorantium. What actually happened, is I got that, and a bunch of other products too. That store is dangerous.

I was so scattered and disorganized that I completely missed my exit to get home. Fortunately, I noticed *before* too many more exits had gone by. The same thing happened again later, on the way down to the NYE party. I missed my exit, and then had to revise how I was going to get there, using paper maps.

The party at j5nn5r's place was fun. Many people I knew, some that I knew well, were there. Food, hot tub, a popular massage chair, SF geeking, and games of little brain.

When we were all worn out, I wrapped myself up in one my of family quilts, and fell asleep on the floor.

New Year's Day

(continued from last entry)

The next morning, I unrolled from my quilt, got dressed, socialized some more, and enjoyed very yummy french toast prepared by desiraes. I like a firm mattress, but a floor is just slightly too hard.

The Austrialian dragon, Nameless, was allowed out of his terrarium, and enjoyed exploring the room and the people in it.

It's a curse. I can never get out of their house without leaving something behind. Last time, it was one of my hats. This time, it's bag of clothes and toiletries.

As part of my designation of January as "get my stuff together" month, I got all my pending receipts logged in, and unpacked, sorted, and disposed and reorganized a box of "stuff". I have several boxes of "stuff", but hopefully will have less when this is done.

New Year's Day Eve party at the Metaphorist

ivolucien threw a New Years Day eve party instead of a New Year's Eve party.

It was a great party. I saw all the Metaphorist regulars and residents, other folks I know, and some wonderful new folks. I flirted hard, got flirted at, and traded a lot of backrubs. I won't try to list the lj names of all the people, because I will accidentally leave too many out.

We picked up a new person for Knuth. She's got an interesting name that I'm completely blanking out out, and she's got a BSCS from CMU.