December 5th, 2005



I was perfectly fine when I went to sleep Friday night. When I woke up Saturday morning, my throat was on fire. I elected to blow off the plans for the morning, and instead medicated, meditated, and slept, until the early afternoon, when I felt well enough to do stuff.

Specifially, to go do my volunteering at Cirque du Noc.

  • I did some minioning for the head honcho, tonyawinter.
  • I met some people I knew, and got to know some people I met.
  • I bought a cool leather mask.
  • I was impressed and amazed by the rope and trapeze work of the aerialists.
  • I did a midnight to 2am shift as the door guard for the Masquerade Ball.
  • I was amused but welcoming to the rubes, the mundanes, the slummers, and the swingers.
  • I chatted a bit with the Obsidian Security folks. (They are an institution at events like this, and are recognizable by having UtiliKilts as part of their uniform.

After the Ball was over at 2am, I helped break down and stack the rental furniture, walked a couple of people out to their cars, and then hit 13 Coins for lunch/dinner/breakfast.

Since 13 Coins is about the only place better than Denny's that is open all night, and since the bars shut the booze off just before then, it turns out there is a 2am rush. I got the pantry seat, but didnt mind. Starving.


Once again, woke up with my throat on fire. This had better not go on for more than another day. Once again, medicate and meditate, to clear it up. Somewhat.

Then down to elfs and omahas. We had "Fish Sunday", since I missed out on Fish Friday this week. The meal was a yummy spiced braised whitefish, couscous, and Omaha's wonderfully elegant and tasty carrot recipe, which I described as "almost the complete opposite of canned carrots".

Kouryou-chan celebrated a growing-up moment, by losing a tooth. While it had been VERY loose, it wasn't entirely painfree, so she spent the rest of the evening being very cuddly, both with me and with her parents.

I was all dressed up (dress shoes, black dress slacks, black soft rayon buttonup, and even a black silk tie). Omaha dressed up to match, all slim and elegant, head to toe in fashionable black. (I just realized, I should have taken a picture!) She had agreed to be my "and Guest" for the Seattle Men's Chorus Holiday Concert.

The show was lovely, great voices, great music, some amusing skits. Imagine a mashup of Fiddler On The Roof's "Tradition", touring Santa's workshop instead of the village of Anatevka. Audience participation in "the Holiday Cheer" and singing "White Christmas". A lovely Icelandic piece about Yule, the freezing of winter and the promise of warmth. The SMC's signature silent "Silent Night". Lots of other Good Stuff.

My Cēpacol quit working about 2/3s the way thru the first part, which made the stretch to intermission literal agony. Fortunately I had lots of good music to help pass the time.