September 11th, 2005


Seeking advice. Best way to buy a dozen Levis 501's?

Several years ago, I went into a JCPenney and bought half-a-dozen pairs of identical black Levis 501 jeans. I've since worn them out, I'm down to the last two, and they are getting thin in spots. It's time to buy a new set.

There has to be a more frugal way to replace them than to pay full retail, or even mall store sale prices.

So I'm soliciting advice from LJ land. What's a good way to save some money doing this? I'm willing to buy up to a dozen pairs in this transaction.

Note, I do not want off-brands, or house-brands. No going to CostCo to get Kirkland brand jeans, or to Ross Dress-For-Less or Nordsrom Rack to hunt thru designer store rejects. I want Levis, I want black, and I want 501's.