August 25th, 2005


Phone Post:

130K 0:37
“holy cow!
i knew that lush had opened a store in bellevue square
and i knew that it had opened last week
so i figured that today
it mostly would have died down
and i could go do do some shopping there
turns out that tonight was the official opening party
even thought they had been open for a week
so i actually had to stand in line
for like twenty minutes
to get into the store
did my shopping
i took some pictures
i'll put them on my LJ later
i need to come up some other excuse
to occationally go down to vanc--, er, up to vancouver
or down to portland”

Transcribed by: fallenpegasus

Update: here are the pictures:

Update: what did I get?

(no subject)

The Gap is opening a new line of stores, for boomers "sized out of the market in middle age". It offers clothes with "a more forgiving fit", that are "generously cut". LINK

It's called "Forth & Towne".

Get it yet?

Expand the ampersand, and then look at the acronym.

I wonder if that was an accident, or not...