July 11th, 2005


Productive evening, so far

  • Laundry, terry & rugs.
  • Laundry, blacks.
  • Heat & eat dinner.
  • Load & run dishwasher.
  • Miscellaneous putting away.
  • Scoop litter boxes.
  • Pill cat. (Sasha has gotten itchy again, time for more prednisone.)
  • Process card file. (Several "cards" had come in the mail. Renewing memberships, changes to the voter registration, etc.)
  • Review and dispose catalogs.

The piano is staring at me. Practice time.

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Sometimes a real true pearl of wisdom bubbles out of LJ.

Here is one.

There are no truths here that havn't been known for a long time, but they always need to be said again in modern language.

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If you're playing the Depeche Mode because you like the beat and you think the lyrics are amusing, that's one thing. If you're playing it because you really think that the message of misery speaks so profoundly to your deep and tortured soul, then, yeah, grow up. link