June 26th, 2005


Saturday, party party party

I havn't gone to sleep yet, so it's still Saturday.

I was very slow to wake up this morning, and my bed kept calling me to return, a temptation to which I succumed several times.

judyg called me just before I did get out, so I chatted with her on speakerphone as I drove from Kirkland to the Golden Gardens Park beach in Ballard. She is doing well. Her new tonkanese cat has taken the name "Rafael", and he loves her much, especially after she convienced him that it was okay to sleep in her bed with her.

The morning had been grey and threatening, but it was a beautiful bright low seventies.

The event at Golden Gardens was julzerator's birthday party. A number of fun and pretty people were there.

Amusingly, the next pavilion over was the UtiliKilts annual summer beach party.

At just before 7pm, with the sun still high in the sky, I went to the Metaphorist geekhaus, for the Gaia Consort house concert and party. The concert itself was fun, and the party after was a blast. The house was *stuffed*, and full of many much fun folks.

I finally got to chat with solcita, and was amused to learn that one of her friends is friends with my sister wyckhurst.

I also met neocuriosity, and got to know her.

At 4am, the party was about over, so I made my way home. Here is is just past five, and the sun is coming up.

Seattle Pride

If I was a decade younger, I would have just stayed up this morning, and gone straight to Pride. But instead, I slept `till 1pm, and made it to the park at 3, where I met up with omahas, elfs, Kouryou-chan & Yamaarashi-chan.

Despite missing the parade, and even with the streams of people leaving as I was walking in, it was still a full crowd of interestingly dressed and appearing people.

It was free of MoveOn morons with bullhorns (the people who pissed me off to no-end at Pride a couple of years ago), and I was willing to forgive the Bubble Man his anti-new-housing and his anti-computer-game rants because he was so good at entertaining a crowd of enthusiastically blissed kids with his ersatz bubble makers.

Two hours was just about the right amount of time to spend there.

I met up later with tygereclipse, and she introduced me to a fun greasy spoon diner on Aurora that is known for good food and take-no-shit staff.