June 21st, 2005


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I have here what is probably my last issue of "Dr. Dobb's Journal". I've been a continuous subscriber since 1986 (with a two year hiatus of 1989 and 1990), but the usefulness factor and interest factor have just gone into the toilet. So I'm letting my sub lapse.

Yet another magazine who failed to survive the Microsoft'ing, Internet'ing, and mainstreaming of the software developer world.

What's sad is there really is an open niche for a quirky little codehacker's magazine, full of neat little tricks, useful little hacks, programmer's humor, interesting little bits of code, and squirrelly odd and neat interfaces.

Doctor Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia: Running Light without Overbyte used to be that magazine. CMP UBM DDJ, is not.

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I'm here at the Vivace café, to meet someone. There is a newly printed sign on the counter, stating that the wlan will be turned off from 8am-6pm on weekends.


It's their store, it's their business, it's their wlan (AP 00:90:4B:24:CF:25). It's their decision.

However, it's *my* money and *my* patronage, and they are about to get a lot less of either.

The Vivace has never been one of those "random social interaction" cafes that the the places that are shutting off their wlan are trying to get back to, even before the spread of wlan. The only groupings who come here are those who come here as groups. Most of the people sitting at the tables are students, hunched over textbooks and doing homework.