April 2nd, 2005


Random things in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

My sleep schedule has been flipping around randomly all week. I thought I had changed phase the easy way Thursday night, sleeping thru the night after a relax-a-date with a good friend, and then being sleepy four hours ago was encouraging, but now I'm awake again.

I have new upstairs neighbors, a nice young couple. I met them right after I got home tonight, because they were parked in my parking spot. Which the property manager had told them was their parking spot. This needs to get sorted out stat. What, did the office misplace the sheet with the parking map?

I had my quarterly review at work today. Chuck (my boss)'s assessment was that I work quickly on things I find interesting, slowly on things that I don't, and I need to be able to focus more. He's right, but I do wish he would stop pulling me off of the interesting stuff to do the boring stuff.

About a hundred of my cow orkers spent the day either setting up, traveling to, or getting ready to travel to the NCTA tradeshow, which is this weekend. I think it's really cheap and chinzy to have a tradeshow eat a weekend, but that's the cable industry. I'm glad I don't have to go.

Dinner was my weekly Fish Friday as a welcome guest in the home elfs and omahas. I dug into the freezer, and pulled out several good hunks of salmon, which we marinated with something savory and balsamic, and then broiled to perfection. Yummy. Yamarashi-chan agreed, vacuuming up her portion.

My sister wykurst will be delivering her iBaby imminently, if she hasn't already. Her travals and experiences carrying this her fourth child has been a fascinating journey to read on her mostly friends-locked LJ.

Likewise, my mom wurtmann just had one of her worn-out factory original knees replaced with an after-market third party part. A not-insignificant percental of her skeletal system is now made out of titanium and plastic. As my brother pheonix_jade put it, she needs to add rocket boots and exoskel as well. Sadly, it turns out the doctors didn't give her her old knee in a jar. Foo.