March 16th, 2005



I slept short and fitfully last night.

This morning, I went with jezel to provide moral support as she dealt with a freakishly good-natured bureaucrat at the India Romeo Sierra office. I've got my own issues with them that I need to work out soon. I don't owe them any money, I just owe them some paperwork.

Then after that, I did my some of my own bureaucratic work. The auto accident that wrecked my first Forester was almost exactly a year ago, and I got two related pieces of mail in the post. One was from State of Washington Dept of Licensing, with a form that if I and my insurance company fill it out, will cause the revocation of punk's DL unless and until he pays up. And the other was from GEICO, stating that they've given up trying to wring blood from his stone, and so now it was all up to me to extract from him what I could. Because I'm a real person instead of a corporation, I'll be able to take him to smallclaims court for my deducible.

Then getting back to work, I spent the next five hours struggling to reload my brainstate of the project that got pushed down the task stack by the recently completed project.

It being a Wednesday, I left at 3pm to go into Seattle. And my brain being fuzzed, I completely forgot two of the two-do errands I needed to do there.

The piano lesson was fruitful. More of the B-minor scale. I need to rotate my left hand a bit clockwise on the way down. It makes the thumb-under reach much easier, but completely throws off the reach I've trained into the other 4 fingers, so now I have to relearn it almost from scratch. The musical piece was WAM's Menuetto I in C Major, a fun melancholy sounding piece that is really stressing my ability to read and reach left-handed intervals.

A potential soak fell thru.

My phone beeped at me, with a voicemail message from judyg. A message that she had left LAST SATURDAY! Postal mail would have gotten to me faster. So I called her, and we spent a good hour talking out some of the highs and lows in her recent life. She's doing well in school, but there are lots of school and relationship stresses taking their toll on her.

Rather than go right home, I went to to CapHill to Vivace for a couple of steamed milks. Mainly because traffic on I90S was so bad that I couldn't get across the 6 lanes quickly enough to take the exit to the 520 floating bridge.
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