March 1st, 2005


The weekend


Up to Capital Hill to have Patrick work me over. Then over to Babeland for some consumables. While walking back, just as the sun was coming out, I discovered the neighborhood farmer's market was open, so I got some new goat cheese, some stone oven bread, and some fresh berries. Then a White Velvet at Vivace, just because I can.

Home for a nap (I had slept short and poorly the night before), and then to Ballard. I had been invited to the `Spot Invasion, something I wasn't going to turn down. The people were interesting and fun, and the experience likewise, and well worth repeating.


I had a whole huge pile of circular to-its piled up, but processed none of them. I thought my immune system had beaten this crud into submission, but it came back for another round. Even watching teevee was too strenuous, so I spent most of the day and most of the night asleep. Ugg.

On the oddly plus side, the recent recommendation of the product called "Simply Saline" enabled me to go the whole day without trying to claw out the insides of my own head.


And back to work. We actually have end user fan-sites now. link link link. It's kinda bizarre to read the users clamoring for things that I've got in beta at my fingertips (and believe me, they are beta quality at best), and see things they are complaining hard about ("why don't they do something to fix this?!") that actually are high-executive visibility SWAT issues for us. Believe me, we are "doing something".

This evening I got to enjoy one of my Winter Holiday gifts, jezel got me a seat at a wine-tasting class via DiscoverU. I spent the evening at Portalis in Ballard, just barely scratching the surface of learning about Regionals, Variatals, Labels, of Barrels, and of Notes and Finishes. After several enjoyable hours, she came back, picked me up, and drove me home.


The dream I woke from this morning was unusual for me. Wasn't good, wasn't bad, but not one I feel the need to repeat.

It had Cory Doctorow being possessed by the newly minted ghost of Hunter S. Thompson, who proceeded to stream-of-conciousness reminisce about hanging out with Salvidor Dali and Andy Warhol.

That was a weird brain state to be in when snapping awake.

I have no idea whether Thompson ever actually did hang out with Dali and/or Warhol, as I bounced off of everything I tried to read that he wrote, but they all do seem to be of the same type, people with the ability to make the people around them confuse insufferably with insight, and celebrity with ability.

(no subject)

The sysadmin at sru emailed me, telling me that they got my old hardware and old HD up and running again. So I've got a tar-over-ssh pipeline running, sucking over the contents of /home, /etc, /root, and /var. From what's poured out of that pipe already, I've been able to restore into it's new home my /home/mark/web, and so my personal web pages are working again.

As soon as that pipeline is done, I'm cancelling at sru. Even tho they are waiving my rental fee for the month.