February 9th, 2005


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This afternoon I had most of my old fillings drilled out and replaced. I had developed a couple of soft spots around them, plus Dr Danelli really doesn't like amalgam fillings, "they crack the teeth" she says.

So out they came, and there was a lot more decay under them ("looks like he didn't get it completely sterile, it was harder to do ten years ago") and also one of my molars had indeed been cracked. Not enough to split it, and hopefully the new epoxy fill will hold it together.

Her needlepoint diamond drill went thru the tooth enamel and the silver amalgam like a 3D eraser, she sandblasted the pits out with nanoscale zirconium balls, she painted down etching solution, painted down glue, poured in new hightech epoxy, packed it down with a very small trowel, and zapped it with hard UV.

She insisted on numbing me. I didn't need it for the work, but I guess if the drill slipped, or if the crack split...

The problem was 3 hours later, halfway thru my piano lesson, it wore off. And what hurt and hurt and hurt were not my teeth, but instead the places where she had slid in the needle to inject the numbing. I wanted to be stoic, but I just could not focus on the music anymore, or push away the pain. Angry at myself for being a baby about it, but damn, I sure didn't like it.

Ibuprofen and a hot soak seem to have mostly fixed it.