January 30th, 2005



Wednesday and Thursday night, I slept very poorly, with some huge asymmetric knots in my back. Thus those next mornings, I got to work at about half past ten, burning away at my small accumulation of self-tracked TOIL.

Thursday morning, the unit next to my old apt building was being demolished. And Friday morning, when I drove by, my old building had been reduced to scrap, and was being hauled away. I stopped and took some pictures.
Hauling away the scrap

Yet another weird networking problem got handed to me at work. One of the MSOs started to panic because their weird-ass in-house SNMP-based cablemodem management tool was not reporting a couple of things when it "looks" at our installed boxes. I seemed to be the only person who even knew what I meant when I asked "Did anyone just run a snmpget against those boxes, and see if that works?" So I got tasked to do it, and lo, the boxes are working. Next question. "What query is your tool actually running?" "Ummm, we'll get back to you on that." Hopefully, they will be able to tell me exactly what question they are actually asking, Monday.

Then it was one of my favorite semi-recurring times of the week, Fish Friday. omahas found a yummy and easy recipe in a Cooking Light collection. We covered some halibut with fresh dill, chopped red and orange bell peppers, chopped tomatoes, and cooking wine, and baked it under foil. It was bright and colorful, and came out moist and yummy.

elfs and I set to making some DVDs of my collection of Drawn Together and Fosters Home. Unfortunately, it came out horribly horribly jumpy. Elf said he would try a different transcoder, hopefully that will work better.


Last Wednesday afternoon, as part of all the errands I ran in the Greenwood district, I bought my first bottle of wine.

I told the proprietor of "The Vineyard Wine Shop" I wanted "red, pacific northwest, not too dry" and gave him a price ceiling, and he pulled out McCrea 2002 Sirocco, which he described as a "fat flavorbomb".

"Fat" apparently means "not thin tasting", and "flavorbomb" apparently means "has lots of flavors".

elfs and omahas and I enjoyed it as part of Fish Friday. I ended up drinking several glasses, which, ahem, made me "warm and happy".

Elf's review is here.

Several years ago, I started tasting sips of wine for the first time, and the reaction was universally, "that's NASTY". In retrospect, they were cheap, too dry, and I was just tasting it with the tip of my tongue.


This morning, I headed straight to CapHill. First of all for a haircut. I was several weeks overdue.

Patrick was as friendly and as talented as always. I keep consider going to someplace cheaper, or to a stylist school. But I keep coming back.

Then up to the Metaphorist, for sultry_peacock's birthday party. She had been disappointed in past years for such parties, but this one seemed to go well. There were lots of people, good conversation, yummy food, and good cake.

My present to her was a sub to ReadyMade Magazine.

I went with her on a short jaunt along with Eric over to UDist to drop some stuff off and pick some stuff up. We ended up at the grocery store there, only to hear that there was going to be a "underground public performace" in the produce section at 7pm. So we waited around, and at about quarter to, the place started to just fill up with people shopping for produce. A *lot* of people. The employees and store manager started getting confused and nervous.

And then one girl started singing while listening to headphones, and a guy dressed as a manager started berating her about "you cant sing here, this is a supermarket", at which point the whole troup crystalized into a line, and did a sing and kick number, complete with instruments, of a song "You Can't Sing In A Supermarket". This lasted a couple of minutes, and then it all dispursed.


That's "public art" that I can respect and enjoy.

The party lasted till just after midnight. When I got home, my cats were very glad to see me, and very glad to see me open up their food.