January 19th, 2005


Weekly Tuesday Knuth, more binomials

I left work right at the stroke of five, and made my way to the Metaphorist house, for the weekly Knuth study group. We did §1.2.6.E Binomial Coefficients, Summation formula and §1.2.6.F Binomial Coefficients, The binomial theorem. This is two pages of text, and it took us several hours (admidatly, over dinner, with several random topic divergences.

(no subject)

My previous apartment complex had everyone move out at the end of October, because they wanted to start the demolition and new construction before the beginning of the year.

So here it is, 2&2/3s months later, well into January, and *finally* I see a wrecking crew starting work on the old place.

Grump. I had to hurry up for someone else's hurry hurry rush rush, and then they fail their follow-thru.