January 9th, 2005


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Movie Review

Last night's NetFlix was Vanilla Sky. It was better in some ways and not as good in some ways as Abre Los Ojos. Tom Cruise actually worked, since the role called for someone who was used to coasting thru life just on looks and charm. And Penélope Cruz, who plays the same role in both films, is one of the most delectably lovely ladies to grace celluloid.


I kept hearing about snowfall here and there in the area, and did not see any of it. But late this morning when I finally poked my head outdoors, I see that it snowed a couple of inches last night. Heavy and wet, and it's rapidly melting off.

Pennies by the Gallon

I finally obtained a circularly shaped tuit, and hauled my collected two gallons of pennies to a CoinStar machine. I had been planning on donating it to the tsunami relief effort, but that would have gone thru UNICEF. Giving money to the UN would have been worse than just waste, so instead I gave the money to NorthWest Harvest.